I’m having a show

If you find yourself in Philly on October 14th, come see me and some of my photos. 


701 S 3rd St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147

Oct 14th 6pm-10pm

snacks & drinks and stuff

Work for sale

Ok. So. Here’s a bunch of the images that will be on exhibit at my art show with Anne Koszalka (see previous blog post, shouldn’t be hard to find since there’s only been one). They are mounted on ceramic tiles that measure 4.25” x 4.25” and look like this 

I’m selling them for $25 each. If you are so kind as to want to order one then there would be an additional shipping fee that I will estimate once you holler at me and let me know how many and where y’at. I will be selling these in an editions of 10. Once I sell a single image 10 times, that’s it. I don’t know why but it makes it seem cooler, right? Anyway. This is a very dumbed down system. They are numbered in the order you see them from left to right. If you’re feeling generous and want one or more please email me at jessica@kourkounis.com

I can accept credit cards and paypal and checks if you’re over 60 years old (kidding). I’m flexible.

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